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Xylan coating is the #1 choice of Engineers in the offshore and maritime industry. A Xylan coating will resist corrosion and chemical degradation. It lowers maintenance and replacements costs which reduces downtime.

PT Remote Oilfield Services (ROS) specializes in applying fluoropolmer (Xylan) coating. We have specialized equipment, documented procedures and expert employees that ensure the application of coatings is of a very high standard. All orders are quality checked at every stage of the process to make sure the job is done right the first time. Xylan coating is available in a wide range of colours.

We are expanding our network of rep's in Indonesia and Vietnam.

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Where there's oil, where there's water,  there's Xylan

Xylan is a fluoropolmer coating which has the following properties:
• Low friction    • Excellent adhesion
• Resistance to wear and abrasion, corrosion and chipping.
• Resistance to the elements: weather, sunlight and salt water.
• Wide working temperature range from -385°F to +545°F
Xylan® coatings solves the problems created when some materials used in engineering construction have the wrong surface properties. Quality parts made from materials with optimum strength, weight and cost may corrode, seize or gall - Xylan coating will minimize if not eliminate that possibility. 

Phosphate Coating

Remote Oilfield Services also specialize in Phosphate Coating.            Phosphate coating is a crystalline conversion coating that is formed on a ferrous metal substrate. The phospating process relies on the basic pickling reaction that occurs on the metal substrate when the process solution comes in contact with metal. This coating is employed for the purpose of pretreatment prior to painting, increasing corrosion protection and improves the friction properties of sliding components.

ROS Xylan Batam Indonesia

Our Facilities:

Blasting booth, spray booth, phosphate tank, cleaning area, oven and dust collector are custom designed to enable us to virtually process all sizes, shapes and weights of parts.
We have a heavy duty walk-in series oven complete with controls and digital instruments that meets FM, IRI, NEC and NFPA 70 & 86 specifications. Dimensions are 1.56m wide x 2.40m Depth x 2.0m High. Temperature rating maximum 800°F (426°C), Normal 752°F (400°C), minimum 200°F (112°C) above ambient.
We also have a Dust Collector Gold series, this utilizes Gold Cone cartridge technology to deliver clean air and enhanced performance features. The Dust Collector at a minimum cleans the air 99.9% and ensures the work environment is clear of dust and fumes.