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Rig Layup Preservation

Remote Rig Stack Layup Service uses expat supervision and the best of
Batam's Indonesian labor to execute a pre-approved Preservation Program

Rig LayUp Services


The offshore industry's techniques of preserving  marine assets is in a process of rapid change. There are big differences in cost and effectiveness between different methods and philosophies of asset layup.   

These differences have pushed RSS (Remote Rigstack Services) to junk many traditional mothball methods. Our new Preservation Procedures minimize the deterioration at the lowest possible cost, while staying focussed on what the Classification societies and clients will want to see at the time of vessel remobilization.

Recognizing the changing needs of vessel preservation, ABS has just issued  new layup guidelines including a new catagory entitled: 'Enhanced Laid Up' This is a most welcomed and much needed development. The new guidelines widens the scope of how we can effectively preserve and mothball expensive assets.        

Rig Maintenance

Laying Up Marine Assets

RRS's Preservastion Procedures are proprietary, developed by our own in-house engineers. Ask us for a presentation, if nothing else, you will learn a lot about new innovations and approaches about marine asset preservation.


1)  RRS (Remote Stack Services)  arranges on behalf of the Owner, a Stacking Application Letter to ABS (other classification society). The letter outlines a Stacking Procedure which will qualify for 'Enhanced  Layup' status.     

2) ABS reviews, verifies and approves rig layup location and procedures.

Layup Crews

1) RSS supplies full time (6 days/week) team of four Remote Rig Stack layup technicians, under RSS expat supervision; using Checklists and Layup Procedures created by RSS.

More detailed info available for bona fide Rig Owners.

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