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MOPU Jack Up Rig Up Grades : Steel Fabrication, Mechanical/ Electrical & Instrument Installation and Maintenance at ASL Shipyard, Batam
Modifications: Various Steel Works and Piping Fabrication for Drill Ship
Land Rig Upgrade Minimum 1500HP (Skidding)
Dilling Rig Services including: Design, Engineering, Fabrication 200Bbl Water Treatment Tank, 200 Bbl Active Tank, 200Bbl Mixing Tank and 300Bbl Solid Control Tank
Fabrication Monsoon 4 Panel Shale Shaker - Fabrication of Caustic Tank
Reactivation of Stacked at Cluster Rig - Fairleader at Jack-Up Drilling Rig
Supply 40HC Containerized Engine 320 Generator - 230,000 Man hours - no delays - no injuries
15K High Pressure Cement Line Modification - Deep Well Connection Shallow Water